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21st Century Dentistry 

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At The Forefront of Dental Technology

High Tech Dentistry and High Tech Smiles

Dr Stuart Clark believes in delivering the best possible care to his patients and uses many recent advances in technology to achieve these aims. This not only benefits Stuart in his day to day practice of dentistry, but also benefits his patients so that they can receive 'Tomorrow's World' dentistry, today.

Stuart strongly believes in mercury-free dentistry and does not place metal amalgam fillings.

Stuart has purchased a state-of-the-art device called the VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System. This allows Stuart to see beneath the suface of the skin in your mouth to detect potential early mouth cancers that might otherwise be missed. Please go to the section on Mouth cancer for further information.

Computer Designed and Generated Ceramic Fillings

Stuart employs the very latest in tooth restoration technology - the CEREC 3D system. This advanced CAD-CAM system allows Stuart to design and manufacture extremely accurate and natural looking fillings and crowns in one visit, without the need for impressions and temporary fillings. Cerec restorations are widely recognised as being the best way of restoring broken down teeth.

Please see more details further in this web site.

Digital Technology for X-Rays and Pictures

Stuart uses digital x-ray technology in his treatment room. This means that x-rays pictures are available to view immediately (no waiting for film processing) and the dose of x-rays to the patient is reduced by 90%. He also uses an intra-oral camera so that he can show his patients problems with their teeth or gums on the computer screen. This makes it much easier for patients to understand any problems that are found if they can actually see for themselves. Stuart can then use a DVD patient education program to help explain the various options available to solve the problem.

High Tech Treatment Unit

Stuart has invested in a new patient chair and treatment unit which is probably the most advanced chair available. It is fully computerised and motorised and incorporates many features to ensure first rate cross- infection control and deliver all the tools that Stuart needs to provide high quality treatment for his patients.