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New Patients 

Our dental practice is able to accept new patients on the following basis:

New Patient Consultation

For all new patients your initial consultation and examination will be booked for a forty minute appointment. At this visit we will make recordings of the condition of your teeth and gums, usually with x-rays and digital pictures, to give us a thorough knowledge and understanding of the state of oral health. We also look at your bite and the health of the skin in your mouth. We will also ask you to fill out a comprehensive medical history to ensure that any treatment you receive will not interfere with any medicines you may be taking. Stuart will discuss with you any treatment required, give you all the options and provide a full written treatment plan together with details of costs.


If we are to help you, it is absolutely essential to know what is going on in areas difficult to see directly. As a health precaution we advocate that x-rays taken are kept to a minimal amount clinically necessary. Stuart uses a state of the art digital computerised x-ray system for inta-oral x-rays. This gives immediate results and reduces the dose of x-rays by 90% over conventional films. We carefully follow the current national guidlines for dental radiography and our x-ray equipment is regularly tested. The health and safety of our patients is a priority.

Cancer Screening

At your initial and regular visits, we will carefully examine your mouth and surrounding areas for early cancer. Many other conditions show signs in the mouth and this can be a good early warning system so that referal can be made to a specialist and treatment commence as early as possible. Stuart uses a special blue light (Velscope) so that any suspect areas can be visualised before they can be seen with normal lighting conditions.

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